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Endurance& Recovery

Endurance & Recovery Are All That’s Missing

In the world of athletic performance, first there was protein, then amino acids. These supplements boost our muscles’ performance by increasing our muscle mass. Astavita Sports natural astaxanthin supplement works from a different angle – Astavita Sports boosts the muscles’ performance by improving muscle quality, which in turn improves endurance threshold* and decreases recovery time*. So an athlete who wants to enjoy further performance, less-stressful training routines, and a longer athlete career life can perform beyond their boundaries.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Mitochondria is the Key to Maximizing Muscle Potential



micro1In the cells, the energized mitochondria plays a central role in building healthy and
powerful muscles as well as acts as their energy source. The number of mitochondria in our bodies is increased through exercise, but at the same time exercise can damage our muscles through exercise-induced oxidative stress. The latest studies show that natural astaxanthin works on mitochondria in the muscles, especially during physical exercise and systematic training.


Cycling Study

Performed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Measuring 20km cycling time performance by 21 competitive cyclists with AstaReal® natural Astaxanthin 4mg/d or placebo supplemented for 28 days. Double blind placebo controlled study. At the end, astaxanthin group showed significant improvements compared to the placebo group.

Source: Earnest CP et al., Effect of astaxanthin on cycling time trial performance. Int J Sports Med. 2011;32(11):882-88.

Track Athlete Study

Performed by Juntendo University, Japan.

Measuring lactic acid level after 1,200 m run of 16 male college track athletes with AstaReal ® natural astaxanthin 6mg/d or placebo supplemented for 28 days. At the end, astaxanthin group showed significantly lower serum lactic acid concentration at 2 minutes after activity compared to the placebo group.

Source: Sawaki K, et al. Sports performance benefits from taking natural astaxanthin characterized by visual acuity and muscular fatigue. J Clin Ther Med. 2002; 18(9): 73–88.