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Age range: NA
Sex: Male, Female
Activity Level: Fulltime Competitive Ballroom Dancers and Instructors
Product used: Astavita SPORTS: Endurance & Recovery
Period taking Astavita: 1 year

“We definitely feel the benefits in our dancing. Astavita helps with muscles and energy on the floor, and long days of teaching. I definitely feel a lot less sore the next day after a competition…”

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Tara & Ilya of Fred Astaire Studios, Princeton NJ

Age range: 36 – 45
Sex: Male
Activity Level: Office job with long sitting hours, a mix of weight and cardio 2-3 times / week.
Product used: Astavita SPORTS: Endurance & Recovery
Period taking Astavita: 1+ year


In general I feel Astavita helped increase my energy reserve and threshold, so even on stressful days I can have some energy left for family and personal hobbies, compared to previously when I’d be just completely drained. It also rewards me more when I put in the effort to live healthily in terms of less post-exercise muscle soreness and getting sick less often.  I can especially feel the loss of effect when I forget to take it for a period of time.


Age range: 75-85
Sex: Female
Activity Level: Mostly dedicated to my 3 Grand Champion Silver Persians (Mother, Father, and the first born!) and in studying the body and it’s natural rejuvenation ability when we clear our minds of out dated beliefs, and stay open to new findings!
Product used: Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants
Period taking Astavita: 3 months

“Having read about Astavita and the many positive results, I decided to try it as a Subscriber to help me have it every month. It was after about 3 months that my son and I noticed the very significant change in my hands – the skin was smoother, wrinkles gone and the brown spots had disappeared! Since he had been taking it too, we saw the roughness of his face had totally smoothed out. No doubt that this works! Their Subscription program is easy, an email is sent about 3 days before Shipping, in case you need to make changes. Right on the set Shipping day, the Credit card is charged and Astavita is on the way – takes about 4-5 days. The best automatic system I have ever experienced. With these changes, we will be taking Astavita as a regular part of our diet, and look forward to continued surprises and delights!”


Age range: 35-45
Sex: Male
Activity Level: Office desk job with long hours sitting down. Goes to gym 2-3 times/week while taking Astavita with carbohydrate restriction.
Product used: Astavita SPORTS – Endurance & Recovery
Period taking Astavita: 6 months

“I was in a situation where several health risks put me close to hospitalization due to my lifestyle. I worked to change my diet and exercise while taking Astavita Sports. After six months, my latest blood test results have shown my measurements back within normal threshold. Particularly my AST, ALT, and ALP numbers. I feel Astavita contributed to my results in living a healthier lifestyle. I also feel it’s been easier to lose weight without as much effort now.”



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