How can we achieve a healthier, longer and more energetic life?


More and more of us are realizing that materialistic achievements are no longer the only milestone to measure our lives by. Many of us are increasingly looking for a higher value to live for, and found the answer in the simple joy of aging healthily. However, our fast-paced daily lives put a lot of stress on our bodies and minds, often resulting in chronic conditions or premature aging. Our daily lives do not allow us the luxury of achieving and maintaining the perfect, risk-less healthy habit without first asking the question: is there a more practical way to gain a healthy lifestyle while going about our daily lives?

Inspired by Nature’s Secret

More than 20 years ago, we – a member of AstaReal Group, a world leading supplier of proprietary natural astaxanthin – began our search for beneficial natural ingredients to combat cell aging. During that journey, we found natural astaxanthin, nature’s secret anti-aging ingredient. The pink color of salmon comes from the color of natural astaxanthin. Salmons get natural astaxanthin through a food chain that extends down to marine algae that produces the molecule, and accumulates it in their muscles. This buildup of astaxanthin in the muscles enables salmons to endure the arduous journey upstream to spawn. Through this circle of life, natural astaxanthin also gets passed down to their roe and protects the DNA within from being damaged by UV rays in sunlight.

Healthy Lifestyle – the Answer We Reached out for

What Astavita can offer is not a magical solution to health. We believe in good diet, routine exercise training, and nutritional support. We believe this third key -appropriate nutritional support – can help you reap the full reward of your efforts for prolonged healthy aging. Furthermore, we believe it is not a rote set of actions, but a lifestyle commitment to enjoy your own life, that would lead to that answer.

Natural, Local & Scientific

We pride ourselves not only in using a long history of science on natural astaxanthin to make our products, but also to make them in a natural, responsible manner and through local communities in the United States. Our high-quality source of proprietary natural astaxanthin is produced from non-GMO micro algae named Haematococcus Pluvialis in a tightly controlled cultivation facility in Moses Lake, WA by our sister company, AstaReal, Inc. Today, Astavita and our global AstaReal Group are still actively pioneering research and studies in the natural astaxanthin field. For more information please visit AstaReal Group’s Global Website at

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