Dr. Mark Miller's Secret Supplement Regimen

What is the key to healthy aging and longevity? We all know that exercise and a healthy diet are important, but they're not enough. Dr. Mark JS Miller has a supplement regimen that takes you to the next level!

Posted by Healthy Directions on Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Dr. Mark J.S. Miller PhD, MBA, FACN, CNS, is an innovative, internationally recognized scientist with a lifelong history of vision and achievement.

His decades of biomedical research and academic medicine have led to multiple profound breakthroughs that have significantly changed the landscape for medicine and supplements.

For example, Dr. Miller was first to recognize that the endothelial production of nitric oxide is defective in individuals with cardiovascular disease. This discovery has helped pave the way for a whole category of supplement solutions aimed at improving nitric oxide production.

He defined a leading cause of death of premature babies (necrotizing enterocolitis) to be the result of a disturbed nutrient-microbiome interaction (at the time this concept was considered heresy, but is widely accepted now). He demonstrated that dietary antioxidants reduce the progression of gastric cancer and made major contributions to various gastroenterology disorders.

Through firsthand research in the Amazonian rainforest, Dr. Miller also discovered the mechanisms of action of three important Amazonian medicinal plants, including their anti-inflammatory actions mediated through gene switches, and validated these observations with clinical trials.

Now, as Chief Science Officer for Healthy Directions, Dr. Miller brings his decades of biomedical research into the development of unique, effective new nutritional supplements and natural products. He also oversees the design of clinical trials to ensure product safety and efficacy and plays an important role in consumer education.


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