Thank you for visiting Astavita at the 2017 Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Health and Fitness Expo at Centurylink event center! We had a great time meeting everyone and discussing the health benefits of Astavita’s dietary supplement containing natural astaxanthin.



Natural Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, like lycopene in tomatoes and β-carotene in carrots, and is a unique and powerful antioxidant. In nature, salmon store natural astaxanthin in their muscles to give them the endurance to swim upstream to spawn. They transfer astaxanthin to their roe to protect the roe DNA from being damaged by the UV rays in sunlight.


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What is the recommended daily amount of astaxanthin?

Through many studies, we have found the ideal daily serving size is 12mg. (This correlates to two of Astavita’s soft gels per day).  Moreover, to maximize absorption efficiency through the intestines, we recommend that both soft gels be taken whole, with water, after breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Why don’t we just eat a lot of salmon or shrimp to get the astaxanthin?

To get 12 mg of astaxanthin through food intake, a person would need to consume two medium-sized fillets of sockeye salmon per day! Crab and shrimp also contain a substantial amount of astaxanthin, particularly in their shells. However, you would have to consume an enormous amount of crab or shrimp to get 12 mg of astaxanthin. For example, you would have to eat crabmeat from 10 crabs to get the recommended amount. Taking astaxanthin in supplemental form allows you to avoid excess salt and cholesterol consumption that would result from consuming 12 mg of astaxanthin from seafood.


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