How to Store Astavita Products


With the warm summer weather around the corner, it is important to look at how you are storing your Astavita products.

Astavita’s dietary supplements:

Astavita Sports Endurance & Recovery and Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants

Ideal Storage conditions:

To assure freshness, store away from heat in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. These conditions are recommended both before and after opening the bottles.

We also do not recommend storing Astavita’s dietary supplements in the refrigerator or the freezer. This can cause condensation to build up inside of the bottle and the soft gel capsules can harden and break.

The ideal storage conditions for the soft gels are at room temperature (59 – 86°F/ 15 – 30 °C) and a humidity of 40 – 60%.


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Astavita’s Astarism Facial Serum

Ideal Storage conditions:

For the best quality, store your Astavita Astarism Facial Serum in a cool dry place. Again, ideal storage conditions would be at room temperature (59 – 86°F/ 15 – 30 °C) and a humidity of 40 – 60%.



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My soft gels are stuck to the inside of the bottle, what should I do?

Gently shake the bottle or gently tap a bottle on a table to release the soft gels. Because the coating layer of the soft gels softens at temperatures above body temperature (98.6 °F/37 °C) and in contact with moisture, they can or stick together if stored in a hot, humid place.

However, if moved to a cooler place, the soft gel coating will become firm again. This does not affect the quality of the supplement, and you can continue to take it as normal. The ideal storage conditions for soft gels are room temperature (59–86 °F/15–30 °C) and a humidity of 40–60%.

Soft gels will easily break if you store them in a refrigerator for more than 1 month because the capsules harden. For the same reason, do not store the soft gels in a freezer.



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