Astaxanthin should be added to your daily supplement/vitamin routine.

Astaxanthin and Athletes:

The following can be caused by exercise:

  • Energy metabolizing process
  • Heavy Breathing
  • Stress when dealing with competitors
  • Pressure to perform
  • exposure to natural elements such as UV rays

With these contexts, our body generates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in order to oxidize the invasion of pathogens, ROS is a necessary physiological mechanism for humans, however excessive ROS will induce cell damage and fatigue.

Therefore, dealing with the causes of ROS is a step towards higher level performance for every athlete.

Source: Aoi et al., Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. 5(1).139-144.2003

Going to give up? NOT YET!

Cycling Study:

Measuring 20km cycling time performance by 21 competitive cyclists with AstaReal® natural Astaxanthin 4mg/d or placebo supplemented for 28 days. Double blind placebo controlled study. At the end, astaxanthin group showed significant improvements compared to the placebo group.

Source: Earnest CP et al., Effect of astaxanthin on cycling time trial performance. Int J Sports Med. 2011;32(11):882-88.

Mitochondria is the Key to Maximizing Muscle Potential

In the cells, the energized mitochondria plays a central role in building healthy and
powerful muscles as well as acts as their energy source. The number of mitochondria in our bodies is increased through exercise, but at the same time exercise can damage our muscles through exercise-induced oxidative stress. The latest studies show that natural astaxanthin works on mitochondria in the muscles, especially during physical exercise and systematic training.


Track Athlete Study


Performed by Juntendo University, Japan.

Measuring lactic acid level after 1,200 m run of 16 male college track athletes with AstaReal ® natural astaxanthin 6mg/d or placebo supplemented for 28 days. At the end, astaxanthin group showed significantly lower serum lactic acid concentration at 2 minutes after activity compared to the placebo group.

Source: Sawaki K, et al. Sports performance benefits from taking natural astaxanthin characterized by visual acuity and muscular fatigue. J Clin Ther Med. 2002; 18(9): 73–88.

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