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Ilya &Tara’s review of Astavita Sports Endurance & Recovery.


Dancers Tara Barakov and Ilya Abdullin from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Princeton, NJ. talk about the results they have felt after taking Astavita’s dietary supplement for a few months:

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Ilya Abdullin and Tara Barakov are Professional Ballroom dancers from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Princeton, NJ and compete in American Style Smooth and Rhythm divisions in Dancesport Events throughout the US. They began dancing together in January 2015.

Ilya is originally from Russia where he competed in International Latin and Standard as a child. After that he spent many years dancing in the top ranking formation team ‘Impuls’ and later became the team’s head coach and choreographer, leading them to win many championships. He also has a degree in dance and choreography. Ilya moved to the US to join Fred Astaire in 2014 and has since become one of the top teachers in the NJ region.

Tara began dancing at the age of 5 and has over 15 years of training in ballet, as well as jazz, modern, and contemporary. She received most of her training at The Washington School of Ballet in DC, and moved to NJ in 2009 to study at the Princeton Ballet School on scholarship. Tara began her ballroom dancing career in 2010 at Fred Astaire Princeton and has since become the Dance Director and Manager of the studio.

Together, Ilya and Tara have enjoyed considerable success in their first year competing together. Some of their recent titles include:

  • Fred Astaire National Rising Star Rhythm Champions

  • Fred Astaire National Rising Star Smooth Champions

  • Fred Astaire World Rising Star Rhythm Champions

  • Fred Astaire 9 Dance Champions

  • Heritage Classic Rising Star Smooth Champions

  • New York Dance Festival Open Rhythm Finalists

  • Tri-State Open Rhythm Champions

  • United States 9 Dance Finalists

  • United States Rising Star Rhythm Champions

  • Millennium Dancesport Rising Star Rhythm Champions

  • Manhattan Dancesport Rising Star Rhythm Champions

The Key to Conditioning – Food, Exercise, Nutritional Support

Both Ilya and Tara condition their lives so they can keep living the life of dance. Having enough rest to tackle the day is a must when possible. Diet and nutrition is also of paramount importance. Tara in particular notes she tries to select only organic, natural ingredients, and avoids heavily processed or GMO items. A good amount of protein is also required for the muscles, especially for Ilya. The second element of the conditioning comes in the form of routine exercise. While dancing is the ultimate exercise for Tara, she complements it with bouts of stretching and core exercises as well. For Ilya who requires upper body strength for his role in the dance, some time for extra strength exercises is dedicated. Stamina is increased by regularly practicing not just techniques, but also simulating the 5 – 6 dance round settings of competitions. In fact, both often practice 7 – 8 dance rounds to condition themselves beyond competition needs.

Endurance & Recovery are the Keys

The fact is, our bodies and cells get damaged by oxidative stress that cells naturally generate as part of their regular metabolism. Of course, dancing, and other exercises, is good for your health and for improving physical capacity. On the other hand, the exercises trigger more oxidative stress by demanding higher metabolism from the cells to generate the required energy.

So what should we focus on in our daily self-conditioning? The keys are in the endurance and recovery speed in the muscles. Endurance is the basis for sustainable muscle conditions, making them less vulnerable to oxidative damage even during exercise, which leads to more energetic dancing, especially in terms of stamina in the latter part of the song or competition round, as well as a prolonged life as an active dancer despite the effect of aging. In conjunction, the recovery capability is essential for minimizing damage of the cells, which leads to energetic dancing in the competition and less fatigue in daily life even after a day of intense lessons or competitions.

Astavita’s Astaxanthin Helps Improve Endurance & Recovery*

Astavita nutritional supplements provide us with the needed nutritional support to achieve the self-conditioning mentioned above. Astaxanthin, which is a principle ingredient of Astavita formula, is known as the king of carotenoid and a powerful antioxidant that comes from nature’s food chain system.

Natural astaxanthin’s unique anti-oxidant capability is known to work especially well on the membranes of the muscle cells. By protecting the cell membranes from oxidative stress, astaxanthin helps keep the muscle and its cells healthy even after being exposed to oxidative stress triggered by exercise. According to the latest clinical studies, data shows that astaxanthin is beneficial to muscle endurance for a wide range of users – from athletes to senior population – and also to recovery time in athletes after exercise.

Good diet, moderate exercise such as stretching and core strength training, and proper nutritional support with Astavita will help you keep your condition for more energetic dancing towards the end of the song and a longer life of dance.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Endurance & Recovery Are All That’s Missing

In the world of athletic performance, first there was protein, then amino acids. These supplements boost our muscles’ performance by increasing our muscle mass. Astavita Sports natural astaxanthin supplement works from a different angle – Astavita Sports boosts the muscles’ performance by improving muscle quality, which in turn improves endurance threshold* and decreases recovery time*. So an athlete who wants to enjoy further performance, less-stressful training routines, and a longer athlete career life can perform beyond their boundaries.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Mitochondria is the Key to Maximizing Muscle Potential


micro1In the cells, the energized mitochondria plays a central role in building healthy and
powerful muscles as well as acts as their energy source. The number of mitochondria in our bodies is increased through exercise, but at the same time exercise can damage our muscles through exercise-induced oxidative stress. The latest studies show that natural astaxanthin works on mitochondria in the muscles, especially during physical exercise and systematic training.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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