Astavita proudly announces a partnership with professional ballroom dancers Ilya Abdullin & Tara Barakov of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Princeton, NJ. Ilya & Tara run and teach at the Princeton studio and have been dancing in the competitive world for 15+ years in multiple styles.

Professional dancers compete on a weekly basis throughout the year, and perform intense bursts of activity, much like sprinting or basketball.  At the same time, their dancing should ideally look effortless, smooth, and elegant. As such, muscle and mental endurance, alongside faster recovery period are key to success.

img_2413Astavita believes our ultimate formulation harnessing the power of natural astaxanthin – the King of Antioxidants – when coupled with healthy diet and daily physical conditioning practiced by people like Ilya and Tara, will bring their health and performance to the next level. Astavita works by limiting muscle damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. This allows the muscle to exert longer during a session, and recover faster naturally in-between sessions.

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