Astavita, a member of the AstaReal Group, today revealed the successful completion of the Moses Lake Health Challenge (MLHC) which is a community-based health improvement challenge to research and educate about a healthy lifestyle practice by combining diet, exercise and a daily nutritional support. The final test results are now being analyzed and will be announced in the MLHC closing ceremony held in Moses Lake on July 30th.

Article posted at Columbia Basin Herald:

Moses Lake Health Challenge
As part of their international focus on research and education targeting at risk populations starting in local communities, 50 residents are currently participating in the 90-day MLHC, a health and wellness initiative to help make Moses Lake one of the healthiest small cities in the U.S. This free program provides participants with over $450 worth of services. Participants range in age from the 30s-70s with a high Body Mass Index (BMI).

The participants receive an initial physical examination (including blood tests) and follow up clinic visits, fitness club membership, and a free supply of Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants. The challenge started Monday, February 29th and ends Saturday, June 11, 2016. Closing ceremonies will be held July 30th.

Significance of Challenge
Astavita understands that traditional pharmaceutical intervention to help prevent and manage risks of lifestyle and geriatric health conditions often produce limited results along with undesirable side effects. The company’s own research, in addition to recent studies, suggests that nutrients such as natural astaxanthin could play a key role in the strategy to manage the lifestyle risks. Therefore, Astavita is leading the effort to help people adopt healthier lifestyles by combining diet, exercise and a daily supplementation of natural astaxanthin.

About Astavita, Inc.
Astavita is a health-focused company specializing in the development and marketing of high quality nutraceuticals and medical foods containing natural astaxanthin. Astavita is a member of the AstaReal Group; the global brand of Fuji’s astaxanthin business and the largest producer of natural astaxanthin in the U.S.A. and the world.