Astavita. Inc. today announced that Dan Henry has joined the company as General Manager.  Henry will lead retail operations, sales and marketing for Astavita-branded dietary supplements and AstaMed-branded medical foods.

Henry and the Astavita management team are preparing to formally announce a new E-commerce site for two of their most popular branded products- Astavita Sports Endurance & Recovery and Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants.  For the first time, consumers can purchase online the industry’s leading dietary supplements containing natural astaxanthin.  Natural astaxanthin is known as one of nature’s most beneficial antioxidant ingredients.  AstaReal Group operates two factories that produce natural astaxanthin, including a new plant in Moses Lake, Washington.

“AstaReal Group is positioned to provide consumers with new top-of-class superior quality products to enhance physical performance and promote healthy aging,” said Henry.  “Natural Astaxanthin has the potential for many health applications and the company is strongly committed to ongoing research and development to provide new and improved nutraceuticals. I look forward to working with colleagues and industry professionals to help consumers stay active and live healthier lives as a result of good diet, exercise and natural astaxanthin supplements.”

Prior to joining Astavita, Henry held several leadership positions with top-tier biotech and pharmaceutical companies where he was directly involved in more than 5 new product launches in a broad range of general medicine and specialty disease areas. While at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, within the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Business Units, Henry was responsible for several blockbuster brands including Lipitor and Norvasc. His experience in the healthcare industry also includes various roles at Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, LipoScience, and others.

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