AstaReal Group announced today that Governor Jay Inslee led a trade mission from Washington State and visited the company’s AstaReal headquarters in Tokyo on September 4th.  Governor Inslee met with the CEO of the AstaReal Group, Mitsunori Nishida, to discuss the growth of AstaReal’s business in Washington, including the planned expansion of the natural Astaxanthin production facility located in the city of Moses Lake. A delegation from the city of Moses Lake was also in attendance.

During his visit to AstaReal the Governor stated: “AstaReal Group’s vision of preventative health care with Astaxanthin is in harmony with the medical vision of the State of Washington to prevent lifestyle diseases and contribute to healthy living. It is the hope of the State of Washington that health promotion in preventative medicine will ultimately reduce overall medical costs and increase peoples health in the State of Washington.”

Governor Inslee emphasized that AstaReal Group’s corporate culture and products are not only consistent with the State of Washington’s health mission but are also in line with its innovative and creative culture and long history of fostering innovative industries. The Governor thanked the company for its investments to Washington and said, “Together both AstaReal Group and the State of Washington will continue to support each other in economic development and leadership in creativity and innovation.”


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